Steels Cables

Stainless Steel Cables

Stainless Steel Cables with AISI316 quality are used in various fields due to their high resistance to corrosion, polished finish and resistance of 1570 N / mm2, giving them an unbeatable quality / performance ratio.
The available compositions cover the whole range of needs: rigid 1×19, semi-flexible 7×7, flexible 7×19, anti-twist or anti-twist 19×7 cord, …

The straps or slings are made to measure that can be made with different configurations at the ends: fork, eye, toggle, tubular tensioner, … in the same quality as the cable or being able to combine it with bronze, in the case of tensioners for provide greater durability and resistance.

The possible applications range from decoration to fishing through nautical, residual plants, industry in general, textile architecture or aquaculture.

Common uses:
Structural tie rods, handrails, hangers, fixed rigging and labor, stays, shrouds, backstays, guardrails, ground connections, ground net, lifelines, scraper cables, canopy tie rods, slings, towline, davits, fishing cable, aeronautical cables , crane cables, forklifts, overhead doors, sectional doors, strobes, winds, bracing cables, curtain walls, antennas, cable meshes, ….

Galvanized Steel Cables

Galvanized Steel Cables are formed by a set of steel wires wound in such a way that they work as a single body. Each wire receives a hot zinc coating that chemically reacts with the steel base, thus obtaining good protection against oxidation.

Cables Estructurales has a range of cables with Galfan® finish, consisting of a double-dip hot galvanizing process with better results against corrosion thanks to the use of a eutectic mixture of zinc and aluminum.
The most important characteristics for the selection of a Galvanized Steel Cable are:
Minimum breaking load or working load and safety factor γs
Elastic limit Composition: 6×19, 6×36, 1×37, 19×7, 35×7, …
Core: metallic or textile Torsion: right or left
Finish: Galvanized, Reinforced Galvanized or Galfan®
Special: anti-rotation / anti-twist, oiled, …

Common use:
Slings, tie rods, main cables, bridges and catwalks, tendons, winds, fishing cable, lashing and stowage, lifting maneuvers, slings, stays, industrial cables, reinforcements, drag cables, pole maneuvering, bridge cranes, offshore cranes, ostas, pawns,, lifts, elevators, cables for piers and breakwaters, …