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Railing Cable System

The side protections of exterior or interior stairs, such as bridge walkways that are made with a metallic structure, usually require the use of AISI316 stainless steel cable ties. Railing cable systems are used to generate horizontal and vertical divisions between the stair or walkway handrail and the floor or deck. The separation between the different horizontal cable straps must follow both aesthetic and safety criteria, the latter being the one that prevents accidental falls by children and pets, and can be considered a correct distance of around 10/15 cm.

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The supply of the braces can be done in three ways:

Finished product

Semi finished product

Assembly on site

  • Producto acabado: tirantes totalmente terminados con los terminales correspondiente prensados. Debe consultar diámetro de los taladros en los montantes/pilares para el paso de los terminales roscados de los tensores y espárragos.
  • Producto semi acabado: tirantes con un extremo prensado y otro libre para el montaje en obra del terminal montaje manual.
  • Montaje en obra: suministro de cable, anclajes y terminales manuales necesarios para el montaje in situ.



Mechanical Characteristics

Finished product

Semi-finished product

On-site assembly






Adjustable Anchor

Adjustable Fork

Eyebolt | Threading in Wood

Short Eyebolt | Thread in Structure

Long Eyebolt | Traverse Structure

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