Industry – Supplies

Ø 84 mm cable sling (Lisbon)

Manufacture of 84mm diameter steel cable slings using resin terminals.
Material: Carbon Steel 

Cable ties for a hydrocarbon processing complex in Algeria

Manufacture of structural tie rods in 36mm steel cord with terminals and high resistance tensioners, for a gas plant in Algeria.
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
Cable: 1×37

Supply pipeline (Tenerife)

Support cables, hangers and joining accessories of the different elements for water supply pipes and connecting hangers
Material:Stainless steel AISI316
Cable: 1×19

Tirantes tensores maquinaria

Tension rods for machinery structures

TL460I Light Tie System for bracing load-bearing structures for commissioning and operation of machinery
Material: Stainless steel AISI316
Dipstick: High resistance

Floating Block Tie Rods

System of cable ties to join concrete blocks for breakwaters.
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
Cable: 6×36+0

Structure support tie rods at OV Utrecht (Netherlands)

System consisting of a main cable with a junction node from which 4 cable branches start for support and balanced structure
Material: Stainless steel AISI316
Cable: 1×19

Cable-stayed Congost de Siegué Bridge

Manufacture of support cables with M48 threaded tension terminals
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel

Container Lifting

Set of chains and accessories for lifting containers for modular constructions
Material: High Strength Carbon Steel Chain: G80

Wastewater treatment plant in Atotonilco

Set of Ø16 cable ties with mechanized fork ends and custom-machined M24 turnbuckles Including necessary accessories for assembly
Material: Stainless steel AISI316
Cable: 7×19
Quantity: 4,000 m of cable and 300 tensioners

Eslingas 120 t 01

Slings 120 t

Custom made lifting slings for a working load of 120 t
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
Cable: 6×36+0

Resin Tapered Terminals

On-site installation of open conical terminal for Ø46 diameter cable
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel

Tie rod kit for wind turbines

Manufacture and supply of “custom” fork kit for tensioner bars
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
Finish: Shot blasting and painting

Lifting cable

Preparation of cable for lifting, including the machining of the terminals according to indications.
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
Cable: 8×36 Compact – Plastic infiltration